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Fanmix: Temptation Waits; Jo/Ruby
Title: Temptation Waits
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Jo/Ruby
Notes: In my head this is set during seasons three and four. Ruby is a strategist and Jo somehow manages to be more than just a piece on the board.

Once there came a storm in the form of a girl

Lost Girl - Valkubus
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Ghost in the Sheets; Jo/Ruby Fanmix and Fanfiction
stock - art - snakes

Title: Ghost in the Sheets
Subject: Jo Harvelle/Ruby
Rating: R, for language and sexual situations in the fanfiction at the end
Warnings: demon/human
Summary: They touch with stolen moments, stealing oxygen that Ruby doesn't need and Jo is convinced she could live without.
Notes: Demon meets girl. Demon saves girl’s life. Demon and girl are sassy together. Girl finds out demon is a demon. Girl and demon have sex anyway. Demon leaves. Girl isn’t too sad because the sex was great but the demon is still a demon.
Fanmix includes front and back cover, lyrics and individual song uploads, and a .zip of all the songs together. There is also a ficlet at the end for your reading pleasure.
Enjoy the fanmix and the story, comments are loved!

art, .zip, fic, and more at my journal

All The Things She Said
damon leans in, closer
This is a great video by TerriJenZo.  This is what first got me interested in the relationship between these two characters and any possible history between them...


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